In order to heal the targeted cell in an absolutely immaculate way, we designed and developed an advanced technology that transports essential active ingredients to targeted cell without any loss and side effect. This breakthrough is called NOVASOME® technology. This is the most advanced dermacosmetics technology that expands the boundaries of dermatology science.

The word “nano” describes a scale that is millionth part of a millimeter. Nano compounds are much smaller than the cell. Since they are very small in size, they carry an unprecedented advantage of being able to reach the deepest layers of the skin when they are applied topically.

However; NOVASOME® compounds are not like nanoparticles. Unlike nanoparticles, active ingredients are encapsulated in nano-sized vesicles. These vesicles are made of specific phospholipids that are similar to the membrane of the targeted cell. Therefore, NOVASOME® compounds not only penetrate deepest layers of the skin easily, but also they penetrate into the targeted cell as pre-programmed. This is made possible since there is a strong affinity between NOVASOME® compound and the targeted cell due to the fact that they have similar and matching structures. NOVASOME® compounds drastically increase the efficiency and fortify the efficacy of the treatment with no side effects.

NOVASOME® structures are fully configurable according to the targeted cell. They can be adjusted for the desired absorption level and the active ingredients to be encapsulated as well as the desired release duration. This makes NOVASOME® technology the best and most effective method in the treatment of a wide range of skin disorders.

Unlike standard liposomes, NOVASOME® structures have very high stability and concentration at room temperature and high density per unit volume. This allows higher concentration of the active ingredients being encapsulated at the core that leads to better effectiveness and efficiency than is achievable from any other transport technology. Also, NOVASOME® compounds are natural and do not cause any cytotoxicity. They can be used in a wide range of applications since applicable pH range of NOVASOME® is wide.

With NOVASOME® technology, we offer you the future today.

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