The Board of Directors of Novatemed Innoceuticals, Inc. has adopted and mandated the following Code of Ethics for all directors, officers, and employees of the Company. This Code is intended to provide guidance to members of the Company in all aspects of business. Each and every member of the Company abides by these Code of Ethics:

  1. We dedicate our knowledge, practices and labor to wellbeing of people.
  2. We continually enrich our knowledge for the purpose of improving our practices that eventually serve wellbeing of people.
  3. We are adhered to science and we respect knowledge.
  4. We do not test our products on animals.
  5. We are just and fair to all of our suppliers, providers and business partners. We enforce Fair Dealing and Fair Trading.
  6. We only conduct business with parties that are sensitive and fair to the Earth and its inhabitants.
  7. We ensure compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations.
  8. We are devoted to adding value to humanity.
  9. Each and every member of the Company must enforce and make sure these Code of Ethics are in effect.

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