The person (“User”) who visits the web site (“Web Site”) of Novatemed Innoceuticals A.Ž. (“Company”) or other web sites of the Company where some products and services of the company are published and who benefits from the services we provide by means of this Web Site, is considered to have read the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement (“Agreement”) and to have accepted being bound to the provisions of this Agreement. (The User and the Company shall be hereinafter referred to as “Parties” collectively.)

1.    Subject and Purpose

1.1.    The Company operates in the fields of dermocosmetics, dermaceuticals, dietary supplements and human medications.

1.2.     The Company aims at providing information flow about the works made in relation to dermatologic disorders, general health problems, their reasons and treatments and presenting the Company and the products of the Company to the Users by means of this Web Site.

2.     Web Site and its Content

2.1.     All the information transferred to the system through this Web Site shall be stored in the Company headquarter and in the information storage center located in the hosting servers authorized by the Company and shall be kept confidential.

2.2.      The User shall be responsible for the security of all kinds of personal information such as the User name, password, credit card details etc. and the access of 3rd parties to this information. The credit card details entered during shopping over the Web Site shall be directly processed by the Interbank Card Center (“BKM”) and the relevant bank. This information, except as otherwise explicitly permitted by this Agreement, cannot be disclosed by any institution or entity including the Company, banks and BKM. 

2.3.    The Company shall not be liable for any kind of damages and losses that may arise from (i) the content, information use, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, qualification and service quality of other web sites accessed through this Web Site for the purpose of advertisement or announcement or for other reasons and from what is published in these sites. Commitments stated in this Web Site shall be valid for this Web Site only and shall not cover other web sites that belong or do not belong to the Company.

3.     Information Sharing

3.1.    The Company, as a principle, shall not share the personal data provided to the Web Site by the User (name, surname, e-mail address, professional and domicile address, telephone number etc.) with the 3rd parties, and/or shall not disclose them in any way except as otherwise permitted by this Agreement. Unless otherwise specified by the User, the Company may use such information directly for purposes of marketing or monitoring.

3.2.    The User information can be shared with the supplier companies and/or relevant 3rd parties only within the scope of the service, in the processing and analysis of information on the Web Site, in the product order and/or service delivery. The Company shall not be responsible for the utilization of this information apart from the own control of supplier companies and/or 3rd parties and/or from the service provided by them.

3.3.    In the event that the User information is requested to be disclosed by the regulatory institutions and/or judicial institutions and authorities which the Company is subject to, the mentioned information may be disclosed by the Company. 

4.     Miscellaneous Provisions

4.1.    All kinds of copy rights about the content including, without limitation, the information, know-how, brand and all kinds of other contents given in the Web Site shall belong to the Company. In case of a demand of use with regard to the mentioned content, the written approval of the Company shall be obtained. An e-mail should be sent to the address for the relevant approval application, and the authorized department should be contacted with regard to the issue.

4.2.    While the Company reserves the right to make amendments to this Agreement at any time, all kinds of amendments to be made shall enter into force and effect as of the publishing date. For this reason, the “Confidentiality Agreement” page provided in this Web Site should be visited frequently.

4.3.    The Company is considered to be bound with the provisions of this Agreement only by publishing this Agreement on the Web Site, whereas the User is considered to be bound with the said provisions only by visiting this Web Site.

4.4.    The provisions of this Agreement and the Company Web Site Utilization Agreement are complementary to one another.

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