"Nothing professionally makes me as much happy as seeing in the eyes of people the confidence and joy of being healthy, and knowing that I contribute to this with all I have."- Prof. Dr. Meral Şaşoğlu

Novatemed Innoceuticals Inc. was founded in early 2008 for reaching a common goal by joining forces of the founders who have long-standing scientific, academic and industrial work experience. The common aim of the summit is to enhance and move people's quality of life and wellness.

Research and Development team led by co-founder dermatologist Prof. Dr. Meral Şaşoğlu M.D. and all the other units of the Company have determined human values and ethical understanding as the basic building blocks of their existence. In parallel to this, they are committed to utilizing science and advanced technologies in a multidisciplinary fashion to provide people with natural, superior and safe methods that enhance quality of life. Every individual who is present under the roof of Novatemed Innoceuticals Inc. has adopted this same values and principles.

The company is recognized around the world with great interest for its stance about providing superior quality products to enhance people's quality of life. In order to maintain its leadership position in its segments around the world, the Company is continually investing in its human capital, infrastructure and technological capabilities. Thus, Novatemed Innoceuticals Inc. will keep its advanced studies that result in superior, reliable, effective and safe products.

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